Service Schedule

9:00 & 10:45

One Service @ 10:00 am on



LAbor Day Weekend: 9/2/18

and the month of July: 7/1, 7/8, 7/15, 7/22 & 7/29/18

Both services are identical in style and length and we welcome people from all backgrounds and beliefs. Dress in whatever is comfortable for you...some people wear shorts and others wear suits so you'll fit right in no matter what your preferences are!  



We are located on the westside of Indianapolis off of I-465 and Rockville Rd.

See location on map here.


Westlake Church

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Our beliefs:

Westlake Church is affiliated with the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. Please click here to access the Church of God beliefs and values.


Looking back:

Westlake Church has a long and proud heritage on the west side of Indianapolis. The church first started back in 1935 on the near Westside of Indianapolis. Around 1950, the congregation moved to a new building at 4200 West Washington Street. Following a time of facility expansion (fellowship hall, classrooms, etc), the church added a full-time worship and discipleship associate pastor in the late 60's. Unfortunately, the church experienced adversity during the 1970s and average attendance declined due to pastoral leadership conflicts. The eighties brought a new vision for the church when a young pastor named Doug Talley began as senior pastor. In 1985, the church voted to relocate and made the bold move to sell the West Washington Street facility and in 1986 the property was sold. Shortly after the church was able to purchase 10 acres of prime Rockville Road property. It has been almost twenty years since that decision and the church continues to flourish at the Rockville Road location.   


Church Personality:

Westlake Church is a safe place to investigate what it means to be a Christian and is a healthy place to grow in your relationship with Christ. We are convinced that being a Christian is the best and most fulfilling way to live. We are a spiritual family of people whose lives have been changed by The Life-Changer, Jesus Christ, and who desire to introduce others to Him. Thus, our vision statement: "Changed lives introducing others to the Life-Changer".

The atmosphere at Westlake Church is a casual, warm, relaxing and upbeat. Through contemporary music, life situation preaching, and occasional drama and video we make the message of Jesus Christ interesting, relevant to everyday life, practical, and meaningful. We believe that the principles God gives us in His Word apply to the situations and circumstances we face today. Our desire is to communicate God's love and life changing truth so that all persons can understand it, whether they have any church background or not.

Many people who attend Westlake Church did not have a church "home" until they came to one of our activities and/or worship services. So, if you didn't grow up in church or if you've been away from church for a long time, we believe you may feel at home here and invite you to check us out at your own pace. While people of all ages and stages in life are part of the Westlake family, our personality as a church is especially influenced by a lot of young couples and families. Children and teens are highly valued and are actively involved in a variety of ministries. We believe that every Christian is gifted by God to share in His ministry and we encourage people to creatively let God work through them.